Live Calendar


Go to the Members menu and click on the calendar.  Contact the CHURCH OFFICE if you need the password or if you would like to add an event or reserve a room.

Always stay up-to-date by subscribing and adding it to your personal digital calendars by using the tools in the upper right-hand corner of the calendar. HERE IS A DIRECT LINK. 

Preview of the steps

  • Follow this link.
  •  If prompted, enter this password – if you do not know it call the church office 838-5200.
  • If on your phone or other device:
    • At the calendar, tap more in the upper left corner
  • If on the computer:
    • At the calendar, tap the megaphone in the upper left corner
  • Tap subscribe to this calendar and tell it which calendars you would like to include (All Events or Adult, Children, Loft, and/or Youth Group.)
  • Copy and paste the address it gives you into your browser and tell it OK and it will automatically fill a read only version of the Northside calendar into your personal calendar.

You can also access this calendar on your computer and download and print it in a spreadsheet format or a calendar view for Word.

This is a great information and planning tool for YOU to keep up to date on everything happening at Northside!

Contact the Northside office with questions or for more information!