Upcoming Sunday and Wednesday Bible Classes

Upcoming Sunday and Wednesday Bible Classes

Sunday Mornings (Starting February 18)

After spending several months studying Acts in the New Testament, we will move to God’s miraculous blessings of Israel in the Old Testament for a 14-week study of Exodus. These are our teachers: Steve Tandy, Brian Middleton, Ryan Heuer, and James Pearman.

The FOCUS class (including interested grandparents and Prayer Pals) will spend six weeks re-centering its focus on intentional parenting. The class will cover topics such as relationship building, technology use, anxiety, spiritual disciplines and family traditions. This will be a combination of a panel of experts (otherwise known as seasoned parents who have some great insights!!) and class discussion.

Wednesday Evenings (Starting February 14)

Roger Erickson and Malachi Nemitz will teach a class on Galatians in the Auditorium. Paul’s letter to the churches in Galatia is a magnificent epistle in which we are reminded of a magnificent truth: We are justified by grace through faith in Christ! Galatians exposes both extremes – legalism and liberalism – and provides assurance to the Christian of our salvation even though we cannot live perfectly. Salvation is by atonement (what Christ does for me) not attainment (what I do for myself). Through the cross, sinners, by faith in Christ, are freed from sin and by faithfulness, we remain free from sin and thus have peace with God!

We will offer a women’s class in the Fireside Room, which will also be offered each Tuesday morning at 9:30am at Northside. Join Sam Corcoran as we continue our study of the Jewish world of Jesus. We’ll use the Bible and the book Walking in the Dust of Rabbi Jesus by Lois Tverberg. (Check with Sam on how to purchase the book, if you wish). This study will help us hear Jesus’ teachings in their Jewish context to deepen our understanding of Jesus’ words and yield fresh insights for following him. 

For the men, “Just Us Guys” will study the book of James, using a video series by Vince Miller (Resolute). I will facilitate group discussion using God’s Word and Miller’s video commentary. James is a hard-hitting, practical book that will focus our attention on God’s plan for living.