32 Years of Sowing the Seed

Know Your Bible Sunday is right around the corner.  On October 21st, we will update the Northside family on our TV ministry and ask for financial commitments for the coming year.  We have done that for the past 32 years, so some of you will be hearing about KYB  for the first time, and a few of you will hear it for the 33rd time.  Consider that KYB is not a cheap or easy ministry.  It costs almost a quarter of a million dollars a year.  It takes a lot of hours to produce the program, answer phones, grade courses, respond to viewer’s questions, and manage all the details.  Consider that not a penny of the ministry’s budget comes from our weekly contribution.  KYB is funded completely by church members and congregations who choose it as a ministry worthy of supporting above and beyond their regular giving.

The folks who have given all that money and volunteered all those hours of effort year after year make it possible to do exactly what the Lord told us to do – sow the seed!   And for a third of a century KYB has sown seed into good hearts that no other method could have reached.  I recently visited the Pratt congregation where Brother Steve Triplett is doing an excellent work.  I visited with a couple who told me their KYB story.  They were members of a denomination in Great Bend, but watched Know Your Bible and signed up for the Bible Course.  While going through the lessons, they began to notice that what their preacher was teaching didn’t match up with what they were learning in the KYB course.  They chose to visit the Great Bend Church of Christ, studied with Brother Chuck Marshall and became members there.  When a job transfer took them to Pratt they immediately became active at the congregation there.  Know Your Bible works!  It reaches into homes (actually into hearts) that couldn’t be reached any other way.  It simply sows the seed of the gospel into thousands and thousands of homes every week.  (for about twenty cents per household)  Not every viewer ends up leaving their denomination or asking for baptism.  Some of them simply learn a bit more about the Bible.  Some of them learn to appreciate our restoration plea and respect our answers straight from the Bible.  KYB works on lots of levels – but it works!  Please be discussing and praying about how you will support this great work on KYB Sunday.