A Conversation Starter

One of our members recently told me about a conversation he had with a business associate about church.  You may be thinking, “How in the world can you work church into a business conversation?”  So, I’ll tell you.  He had visited with this fellow many times over the years, but only in a, “How’s it going?” kind of way.  On this occasion our member answered that he had been sick last weekend and had to miss church – but he stayed home and watched Know Your Bible.  The fellow   responded, “Know Your Bible?  Oh, I love that show!  I watch it almost every week.”  From there it was pretty easy to work church into the conversation. The KYB fan was told all about Northside and invited to visit, and you can bet that invitation will be renewed every time business brings him together with our KYB ambassador.

You would probably be surprised by how many KYB viewers are in your circle of acquaintances.  I know I’m constantly surprised by the number of complete strangers who recognize me from the program and stop me to tell me they watch.  I’ve had store clerks, shoppers, diners, and neighbors all recognize me and let me know.  Once I was downtown walking past a trash truck and the guy looked up after dumping a barrel into the truck and yelled, “Hey, I watch you on Know Your Bible.”  On top of all the ones who speak to me, there are surely a lot more viewers who just don’t speak to strangers in public.  I can recognize a lot of them because they look at me with a “you look kind of familiar, but I’m not sure why” look.  All of that is strong circumstantial evidence that you know at least a few KYB viewers.  So, how about using that as a conversation starter?  Here are a few ideas worth trying:

Coworker: “Did you binge watch that new series on Netflix this weekend?”

You:  “No, I was a couple of episodes behind on Know Your Bible, so I got caught up.”

Friend:  “What do you think about that new abortion law they passed in New York?”

You:  “I think it’s evil beyond description.  But, I think I’ll ask those guys on Know Your Bible what the Bible says about it.”

Business associate:  “How was your weekend?”

You:  “Great!  We heard a great sermon at church and then watched Know Your Bible after lunch.”

You’re probably thinking that nobody will ever know what I’m talking about.  They’ll just look at you weird and ask, “What’s Know Your Bible?”  Probably… and that’s even better!  Then you can tell them all about the TV program your church produces and invite them to church.  It’s a win – win!  Try it and let me know how it works.