A Question For You – and a Challenge

After I thanked the clerk at Menards for directing me to what I needed, he paused and said, “You look like that guy on TV.” Because of Know Your Bible, I frequently get “recognized” in public. I’d estimate almost once a week. (While I’ve never been asked for an autograph, I hear that Toby did get asked to pose for a selfie with a woman last week.) Most of the conversations that follow these public recognitions are pretty similar; but one thing that amazes me is how many people add, “We never miss your show.” Some explain that they watch KYB while getting ready for church, and some say they record it every week and watch it later. As I finished picking out the right hose fitting, I mulled over how Jerry the Menards guy watched every week and began to wonder about something. How many of you watch Know Your Bible?

So, here’s the question for you: Have you watched KYB? I mean, ever? I realize you – as a faithful church-attending child of God – are not our target audience. I realize – as a lifelong Sunday School attending hard-core student of the Bible – you already know all the answers. But… KYB is Northside’s largest outreach effort. In October, you will be asked to commit finances to support that effort for another year. If you’ve never seen what the program does, I doubt if you can make an informed decision supporting it.

So, here’s the challenge for you. Watch an episode or two of KYB between now and October. You can set the DVR for 10 a.m. on   Sunday (or program the VCR if you remember how). You can ask for a DVD from the media ministry. You can watch from the archives available on www.KnowYourBible.com. (Yes, you can binge watch if you want.) If none of those options are possible for you, I’ll issue you a one-week dispensation to stay home from worship and watch it live. Yes, I’m that serious about all Northsiders being familiar with this great ministry.

If you accept the challenge, three – or even four – things could happen. 1) You will make a better decision about supporting the   ministry with your time or money. 2) You will be better able to recommend the show to others. (Word-of-mouth is our best advertising.) 3) You might learn something about the Bible. 4) You might ask Toby to pose for a selfie.