A Restart in February!

A Restart in February!

 Sunday Evening Bible StudyEach Sunday at 6pm beginning January 31 we will offer a Zoom meeting to study God’s word before we begin another week of love and service. “What is one thing God is saying to you?” is the general theme, and I will lead this study from the New Testament in 90 Days daily Bible reading application. We will study 4-5 verses from each week’s Bible reading, or you can text/email specific scriptures to me that you would like to have discussed. A special thanks to Sonny for 10 months of online Wednesday night Bible studies and to Toby/Mark for their work on Sunday Night Live.

Summit – Wednesday Bible Study and FellowshipBeginning February 3, we’re excited to restart our Wednesday     fellowship at the building after months of only gathering once a week. Bible classes will be offered 7-7:35 for the following groups:

  • Preschool classes will meet in their regular classrooms.
  • Safari children (5 years-4th grade) will be combined and will meet in the Multipurpose Room
  • Loft 252 (5th & 6th graders) will have a parent-led activity in their classroom. (There will NOT be a Zoom option for this class.)
  • Teens will meet in the youth group classroom.
  • Adults will meet in the auditorium. This Bible study time will feature a short rotation of speakers as well as singing and prayer and it will be live-streamed just as we do with our class and worship on Sunday mornings.

We appreciate the hard work of several people in advance of our February restart: Norma Banning and the teachers for our young kids, Ryan Woodard and Laura Atwater for working with our Loft 252 students, Jeff Martin and the youth group parents and teachers, and Toby and the men who will lead the auditorium class. A special thanks to David Earles and David and Sarah Holt and the rest of our sound booth crew for working on the livestream.

As we begin meeting again on Wednesday evenings, we continue our strong encouragement for wearing masks and social distancing.  Whatever your thoughts on the pandemic, here are three reasons to wear a mask at the building:

  1. The mask may protect vulnerable brothers and sisters from the coronavirus.
  2. Wearing a mask is a reasonable action that demonstrates your love for your church family.
  3. Wearing a mask is the request made of our Northside family by the elders.