Jesus was an amazing man.   He did miracles that were undeniable.  He spoke truth like no one had ever spoken truth.  He loved the left-outs.  He dined with drunkards.  He sat with sinners.  He grabbed the attention of everyone from pagan to Pharisee.  His disciples must have followed him out of both commitment and curiosity. Love him or hate him, you could not ignore Him.  And it seemed nothing or no one could stop him.

But, that all changed on Friday.  On that day, they watched the man who had healed so many, be beaten and flogged beyond recognition.  On that day they heard a crowd who just a week ago had christened Him “Hosanna!” now chastising him as heretic and blasphemer!  On that day their dreams of a new kingdom became a nightmare.  They fled from and wept over and scattered away and hid and cursed and denied the precious Lamb they had followed for three years.  For two long days in human  history, darkness and death reigned.

But, then Sunday came.  And that day, an empty tomb changed everything.

That morning, the women came to prepare the body, and perhaps themselves, for the cold and cruel reality of death that comes to all people, even the amazing ones.  Since the garden, all of Adam’s children have been unable to escape death’s cold, constant reach.

As they walked, they came upon an empty tomb and a mysterious gardener.  They were the first in line to witness The Resurrection and the Life.  But, they would not be the last.  Those who saw, believed.  Hundreds more would behold His glory before He ascended back to heaven. And even those of us who haven’t seen, may still believe.

That Sunday, the Messiah, once and forever, stole the sting and the victory from death.  On that day, He brought a new hope for His unified body and His beloved bride the church.   We are a people who want more than this world can offer.  Though we abide in this world, we long for a better one, an eternal one not built by human hands.  And we eagerly await our Savior from there. Come quickly Lord Jesus! Until He returns, we will strive to live as He lived, to die daily to ourselves and to walk in a newness of resurrection life lead by His Spirit.

That was an amazing day.  And we celebrate it because He changed everything.