An Army of Greeters

An Army of Greeters

Have you ever visited a church where no one spoke to you? If so, will you ever go back?

First impressions are made quickly. When people walk through our doors, experts say they form an impression of us within a few seconds. We need your help to ensure those first impressions are good ones.

We have official greeters at Northside, and if you know how to smile and have the gift of friendliness, we’d love for you to be one. But in a very real sense, we should all be greeters.

You may be thinking, “This church is so big, if I try to meet a guest, they might turn out to be a member, and I would be embarrassed and make them feel bad.”

I have two answers for you. First, you should be willing to humiliate yourself for the greater goal of helping   others feel welcome. And second, you can avoid that humiliation by just saying, “Hi. I don’t think I know you. My name is _______.” That one works with members and guests alike.

When you speak with guests, try to be sensitive. Don’t pepper them with lots of questions that might make them feel uncomfortable. Don’t assume a guest is a member of the church of Christ. Just be gracious and maybe they will come back.

On Sunday mornings, make sure our guests know about Guest Lunch. Ask them if they’re meeting someone, and help them find those people if they are. Ask if they need help finding a class.

Here are a few more tips on how to be welcoming to our guests:

  1. Make room. If there’s space, scoot in so others can sit on your pew.
  2. Introduce yourself. Be aware of those sitting around you and meet them before or after the service.
  3. Put others first in the parking lot. If you are physically able, leave the closer parking spaces for guests and those who have difficulty walking. Every extra step you take can be a time for you to thank God for your good health
  4. Wear your name badge. It helps our guests when they meet you and it helps Northside members who don’t know you yet.
  5. Save the guest pews. Don’t sit in the pews reserved for guests, even if you arrive late and a reserved pew is empty. We often have guests arrive very late, and we want to keep space available to help them feel welcome.

Be a part of our Army of Greeters and help our guests get a good first impression of the Northside family.