Blessings from Serving

Blessings from Serving

I love summer and always look forward to how to use my time wisely and how I can serve others. This summer break, though, my worldly nature kept trying to control me. When Drew Lowrey, the WorkCamp Director, tried to get hold of me about being a crew leader, I was not enthusiastic about it. A voice whispered to me, “You can’t do it anymore. You are so tired.” Listening to that voice, I told myself, “Okay, this will be my last time to do it.”

Drew encouraged crew leaders to visit our worksite and to meet our homeowners. When I visited mine, something miraculous happened! When I introduced myself to our homeowner, she touched my hand, gave me a hug, and said how grateful she was for us to paint her house. At that moment, the homeowner and I seemed connected right away. She added, “I do not know what I did to deserve this service.”

That visit changed my heart. I whispered to God, “What are you trying to tell me here? Does this mean I cannot quit yet?” So, I started to change my attitude. I started to feel anticipation and enthusiasm.

On Wednesday, while we were painting the house, the Holy Spirit prompted me to invite our homeowner for Wednesday night worship service. I texted her, and she quickly replied, “YES! I WILL BE THERE! THANK YOU FOR INVITING ME! I AM EXCITED!” I was awed! I paused, thanked God, and praised him. She did come and told me how excited she was. She said, “Rose, I found my tribe that feels like home. I love this church.”

Sunday evening, she came for worship and handed me a thank you card for the whole work crew. When I opened it, her message humbled me and put tears in my eyes. It read, “God put you in my life for a reason. Thank you for heeding His call. Thank you for the hard work you’ve done in painting my house. Thank you for all the amazing hugs – I haven’t had one in years. (True) Thank you for all the laughter and smiles that are now tattooed on my heart. Thank you most of all for becoming my friend – I’ve needed one.”

I hope reading this will help you learn what I learned. Take time to appreciate someone who is trying to serve others. Send them cards and encouragement. Go and offer help if you have spare time. Go out of your comfort zone and do something amazing to someone who is lonely, sick, or struggling. Do not worry about the result; God will surprise you. Just remember, you do it because you care about others like Jesus does. Also, keep in mind that you and I are created for a purpose, and everything we do here on earth is for God’s glory and not ours.