Builders by Toby Levering

TC - Levering 150x150The church office area has been under construction for a few weeks now as we re-arrange our space. If you are in the office area, you’ll now notice a longer hallway, new doors, new paint and soon some new carpet.

The work started with demolition. That involved taking down studs, tearing out drywall, ripping up carpet and pulling down ceiling tiles. The entire demolition of the existing space took less than a day. The construction that followed is continuing to this very day.

On the scale of projects, it’s not huge. But, even in a small project, there’s a large lesson. It’s a simple one: It’s always easier to tear down than to build up.

You probably knew that already, but even if you didn’t know it, I’m 100% sure you’ve lived it. You know folks who, having never lifted a sledgehammer, are experts at taking down, tearing out, ripping up and pulling down.

Why be that way? It’s easier. It’s less work to be cynical and snide than to be positive. It takes more work to walk with someone and build them up than it does to snipe them and tear them down. It’s easier to find fault than it is to find solutions. It’s default mode for the slothful. It’s an easier, albeit more bitter, path.

But, bitter doesn’t mean better. We could all tell stories about the untold personal, collective and eternal damage done by the cutting comment, the thoughtless teardown, and cruel gossip. We must rise high above the low road.

Choose to be a builder. Yes, it will take more time. Sure, it will put you in the crosshairs. And you better believe it takes a ton more effort. But, being a builder is what God calls us to be. He called Noah to build the ark. He called Solomon to build the temple. He called Jesus to build His indestructible church. And He wants us to be builders too! He wants us to “…make every effort to add to your faith…” (2 Peter 1:5+) In every area of our lives, the physical, emotional, relational and even the spiritual, if you are with God, then put your hard hat on because He has much building for you to do.

So, be a builder. Build up the church and make it better. Build up each other to look more like Jesus. Build up your family so they can impact future generations for Christ. No, it will not be easy. But, I promise you it will be worth it!