Channel the Flannel & Axes to Axes!

Channel the Flannel & Axes to Axes!

I recall thinking a few weeks ago about how I was looking forward to this month’s men’s event. I’m that guy who’s an adrenalin seeker, a tad bit competitive, and pretty much open to just about anything that’s fun and interesting. So, the idea of picking up an axe with sharp edges and tossing it at a target certainly fell into the interesting, adrenalin-seeking category. However, the theme “Channel the Flannel” and wearing flannel apparel in 85-degree weather didn’t exactly pique my curiosity nor my desire to see fast moving steel flying through the air. But going against my self-serving pleasures, I decided to man up, purchase some flannel, and participate without knowing how things would all play out. To my surprise, I discovered my participation was about so much more than flannel or axe throwing. It was more about creatively seeking healthy ways to  fellowship with brothers in Christ and enjoy what it means to show up, show out, and share in the Christian life. It’s not about the event and its theme; it became more about similarities shared with the one true King. Yes, we had fun, shared a meal, threw axes, threw corn hole bags, and flannelled out all the way. But the real purpose was revealed in the conversations shared and connections we made!

Intentionally creating opportunities to know one another nowadays, the evil one has somehow made a complicated thing. The good news is as children of light, we have access to illuminating scriptures to enable us toward actualizing/applying God given principles to aid us in encouraging one another in daily living, loving, and guiding our immediate families and faith family toward healthier spiritual functioning. As we mature in Christ, we come to know it is less about “I” and more about willingly submitting to His process, His purpose and plans.

Axes to axes and dust to dust, healthy fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ is a must. For instance, I had no idea this past weekend I would learn how parables are made! Our Brother Steve Tandy shared a parable about the history of a 57-year-old stepladder he’d made in high school and how that ladder in some ways represented owning our faith! Feel free to contact Brother Steve to book him for your next fellowship event. As I bring this to a close, remember this: Don’t focus on the event. Be more inclined to see what it represents.

An opportunity to share and possibly encounter Christ or witness another brother or sister to speak spiritual significance into your life!

Matthew 18:20 (NLT) For where two or three gather as my followers, I am among them.

Galatians 6:2 (NLT) Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.

Hebrew 10:24 (NLT) Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.