Christmas Wishlist

Christmas Wishlist

 Dear Santa,

It’s that season again!  Lights are up.  Songs abound.  Time to make the list, check it twice, and so forth.  I know that’s certainly not a surprise to you though.  You’re probably already well through the L’s by now, so I hope I made the cut!

We’ve all been expecting you—some for a while now!  You probably heard that some stores started putting out Christmas decorations in October!?!  Skipping right past Thanksgiving!! I realize that’s crazy. But, thankfully, you keep right on schedule.  Hopefully by now, you and your elf crew are all rested and ready for the upcoming worldwide tour.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you sincerely for all the gifts you brought Northside in 2019.

First, I asked for a youth minister for Northside.  You really delivered!  We are looking forward to having Jeff Martin & his family lead the youth ministry!  I know that he is excited to begin and there are many families who are excited for him to begin.  He is a passionate, talented, responsible, thoughtful, and trustworthy man who will lead our teens and help their families to grow in Christ.  So, great work!  Oh, and, many thanks for the team of adult elves who have been working tirelessly over the past year to keep things going.

Second, thanks also for sending us three great Shepherds!  The men that were appointed and their wives will no doubt be great leaders for the Northside family going forward.  We appreciate their energy, enthusiasm, dedication, and willingness to serve.  They have all jumped in eagerly!  It is exciting.

In a few days, you’re going to be making the rounds from rooftop to rooftop all around the world. I realize it’s a busy season, but if you have time, and room in the sleigh, I have two requests this year:

  1. Keep us rooted: 80 years in Wichita has given us time to grow & mature.  That’s four generations of Northsiders.  Many former leaders have gone on to their eternal reward, and many new Northsiders continue to come and take part in what God is doing.  Through all that, keep us rooted in Christ, the True Vine.  Apart from Him, we can do nothing.  May we stay rooted in Him, grounded in His Word, and led by the Holy Spirit in all we do.
  2. Help us grow: Over the years, it’s too easy and tempting to get comfortable.  Autopilot and cruise-control are dangerous places to be for the Kingdom.  May we continually grow in our faith, passion, boldness, and love for reaching the world for Jesus.  And, may we never grow weary of doing good, but persist faithfully in loving God, serving others, and growing the kingdom!

If you can, leave all that under the tree this Wednesday.

As always, the Chick-Fil-A Original Chicken Sandwich™, delicious Waffle Fries, warm chocolate chunk cookie, and a tall glass of ice-cold milk will be left out for you!