Church and Parents Together

We are so blessed to be a church family who have around 200 children! How pleased our   Father must be! Family is the core of any society and godly families are the core of every church. So what do we do with all these children? Psalm 78 speaks to that question very     clearly. It is addressed to the people of God who are asked to listen to his words. Here are his instructions:

· Talk to the children about the deeds of the Lord. Later he says he has established a      testimony. God has a story that is played out through his people. Children need to hear those stories from home and church. Let them know how active God is in all our lives so that they will expect the same. Tell our children our faith stories.

· Teach the children the laws of God. The Word of God needs to be familiar to our children from babies to adults. Read to them, help them memorize the Word, put age appropriate apps on their devices that share the Word, sing the Word, etc.

· The result of talking and teaching is threefold:

  1. So they might know (yada). This is not know about but most often in Semitic language and culture it means to have a covenant relationship with someone.
  2. So they will set their hope (confidence) in God. Trusting God with their lives will happen as they hear his trustworthiness in us and experience it themselves.
  3. So they will not forget God but obey him. Children will obey those they trust. It begins with the home and church and then expands to God.

This serious mandate calls for a partnership between church and parents. Yes, parents are the primary influences on our children, but the church family add their stories, prayers, love and support to reinforce the message of our great God. The children are watching all of us. Let’s give them time and attention so they can see the Father in us.