Crossing Together

TC - Levering 150x150Grace is taking gymnastics.  In her class there are three balance beams.  The first is low to the ground and wide.  Grace steps out on that beam easily.  If her class were Goldilocks & the Three Bears, this beam is the baby beam.  She walks on it (the beam, not the baby) without much effort at all.

The next beam is a little higher, a little narrower, but not terribly challenging.  In the Goldilocks story, it would be the mama bear’s beam—it spends too much time on Pinterest.  Grace goes slower on this one.  But, it doesn’t take much more effort to cross.

Finally, there’s the daddy bear of the three beams.  This beam wears cargo shorts and laughs at his own corny jokes.  This beam is taller than Grace and very daunting.  There’s more fear and trepidation.  Steps come slowly, one-at-a-time.  Great focus and concentration are required.

As I was watching Grace try to get across Big Daddy, her teacher did something inspiring.  Up to this point, she was standing on Grace’s side holding her hand and encouraging her.  She then stopped and pulled herself up on the beam with Grace.  And from there, she showed Grace exactly how to cross the beam…which she did.

I know you know the spiritual application.  You’re so smart!  But, bear with me. All of us are Grace.  Granted, you look a little silly in tights made for a six-year-old girl, but I digress.  You and I all started our journey of faith on the baby beam.  Not too much risk.  Pretty easy.  As we grow in Christ, we are stretched in our faith and challenged to grow stronger.  That means, we get bigger obstacles and trials.  Those aren’t always fun.  They require more focus on God and concentration on His word to get stronger.  And sometimes, we face some pretty daunting, scary beams.  Steps are very slow. God, as He always has been, is right at our side walking with us.  His helper, the Spirit, is on the beam with us to guide us across.

I’m not sure where you are in your journey.  But, I do know that you have a Father who loves you and a church family that does too.  Whatever beam you’re facing, walk with Him, stay focused on His word and be led by His Spirit.  Together we all can get to the other side!