Dear Santa

Dear Santa, 

It’s that season again! Lights are up. Songs abound. Time to make the list, check it twice, etc. You’re probably already well through the L’s by now, so I hope I made the cut! Hopefully you and your elves are ready for the upcoming sleigh tour.

You probably remember that last year I asked for two things for Northside. And boy did you deliver!

  1. More Faith. Many ministries that were paused or adjusted in 2020 had to be relaunched in 2021. Doing that took a lot of faith. We saw the re-launch of Sunday night study, Wednesday nights, Celebrate Recovery and The Landing, Bible classes, the Women Walking with God Conference, Family Camp, and Teen Camp. They are again all successfully off and running.

We had 14 baptisms, 14 new families place membership, and countless guests with us in 2021. We saw folks get connected in small groups and ministry opportunities we have always done in faith.

  1. Less Fear. There was lots of change in 2021. And with all that change, fear grew to exponential levels in our world and in many churches. Thankfully, we remained unshakeable at Northside. We gathered for Welcome Home Sunday to be fully together again in person. Northside stepped out in faith to help missionary Jonathan Hanegan purchase a home. We enjoyed family fellowships this summer and the Storied Family seminar also. Sonny and Norma Banning, after years of faithful service, stepped into retirement from their roles in adult and children’s education. Doug Wagner is now leading our adult education ministry and Anita Weathers is leading our children’s education ministry. Both stepped out in faith and are doing an excellent job. Jeff Martin joined Steve and me on Know Your Bible and he is doing great as well.

With all that you gave us in 2021, it’s hard to want for much in 2022. But, I want to ask for three things:

  1. Unity. The world is a divided place. The church is called to be one body under One head. In 2022, keep us unified—devoted to the Lord, His Word, and to one another.
  2. New opportunities to share the Gospel. In 2021, missionaries Robin & Chrissy Vick returned to the States. Northside has a long history of great missionaries with evangelistic hearts. Bring us another good one or two to support.
  3. New people on the team. We have a great team of ministers who are all gifted differently and who work well together. As we look ahead, bring us more godly and gifted folks to help us glorify God and build His kingdom.

I realize making those things may be challenging for your elves, but you’ve never let us down. I’ll leave it to you to get all that under the tree. As always, the Chick-Fil-A Original Chicken Sandwich™, waffle fries, warm chocolate chunk cookie, and a tall glass of milk will be waiting for you!