Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

Hard to believe that it’s that season again!  The lights are up.  Songs abound.  And it’s getting colder!

That means it’s also YOUR busy season too! 

Time to make the list, check it twice, and so forth.  Not sure where you are on with the list, but you’re probably through the L’s by now, so I hope I made the cut! 😊  Hopefully by now, you & your elves are all ready for the big day. 

You probably remember last year I asked for three things for Northside–And boy did you deliver!

  1.   Not sure how you were able to get unity packed in the sleigh, but we’ve grown better.  Throughout this year, we’ve spent much time in the One Another scriptures.  I’ve noticed that church feels even more like family than ever.  Folks are loving each other, serving others in ministry, practicing hospitality in small groups, greeting one another, and encouraging each other towards love and good works.  Folks stick around to visit and fellowship long after our final “Amen”—and that’s a great thing!
  2. New opportunities to share the Gospel. With closing the chapter on our Scotland Mission work, we were wondering where and who we might next partner with.  With the new addition of the work in Ecuador, we are excited for the possibilities.  The mission team in Salinas, Ecuador, just got started, but they are already making an impact there! 
  3. New people on the team. Last year, we knew that our counselor Elaine was going to be retiring.  We weren’t sure yet who might be capable of stepping in.  Elaine had done great work so we knew it couldn’t be just anyone.  Not sure how your Elves pulled off bringing Will Mukes, but we sure are grateful.  Will is a highly-talented Christian therapist and great with people.  He’s been a terrific addition to our team and we look forward to journeying together!

With all that you gave us in 2022, it’s truly hard to want for much in 2023.  But, I will ask for two things:

  1. More Leaders. As you know, Northside family has many ministries. And as we look to the future, we see lots of exciting possibilities and opportunities.  We will need more Christ-centered men & women who are willing to step out in faith, cast a vision, build a team, and serve with humble hearts. 
  2. More Ministers. Northside wants to equip every member to serve in some way within God’s kingdom. Every member, a minister.  As we look ahead, we want everyone to use whatever gift or talent they have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace.

Is that too much to ask of your team of elves? Surely not! You’ve delivered every year, so I’m confident you’ll find a way.  Just leave it under the tree and I’ll make sure to leave you a Chick-Fil-A Original Chicken Sandwich™, and a tall glass of lemonade! (cookies & milk are overrated 😊)