Discover Northside’s Library!

Discover Northside’s Library!

The library at Northside is an untapped treasure, with many resources for study and Christian entertainment. Browsing the shelves is one way to find something good to read or watch, but you can also search for library material using our online catalog.


On any device with Internet access, go to Northside’s website ( and follow these steps:

  1. Click on Media/Resources.
  2. On the next screen, click on “Access the Church Library Catalog.”
  3. On the next screen, click on “Northside Church of Christ” at the top center.

Once you’re in the catalog, you can search available fiction, non-fiction and reference materials by title, author, or subject. Recently-added books are listed on the home page and a search bar is located at the upper right part of the screen.

If your search is successful, a smaller screen will pop up with information about that item, such as title, author, and Dewey Decimal system call number. If it’s available to check out, a green icon will be displayed with the word “IN” visible.

There are still many books, CDs, and DVDs yet to be cataloged, so make sure you also check the library shelves when looking for material.


The basic sections of Northside’s library include:

  • Reference Books – Located in the low shelves and the wall shelf beginning by the closet door.
  • Non-Fiction – They are in the tall wall shelves, now with black signs containing Dewey Decimal numbers to delineate sections. A new poster is coming soon to help explain the number system.
  • Adult Fiction – These books follows the 800 section and are in the shorter shelf along the wall closest to the printer. There is also a tall spinner of donated fiction books that are checked out on a honor system. Just enjoy and return!
  • Juvenile Fiction – You can find these in the short spinner and low bookcase in front of the computers.


Checking out books from Northside’s library is simple! Just fill in the information on the clipboard found on the counter in front of the library computers. Write in the date, your name, title of the item, bar code number (begins with T and is a sticker found on the back or inside front cover) or Dewey Number found on the book spine, and type of item (book, DVD, etc). We will do the rest in the        computer. Please return materials on the rolling cart just inside the library door.