Do You Ever Wonder, “What Are They Thinking?” (It’s OK. Really!)

Do You Ever Wonder, “What Are They Thinking?” (It’s OK. Really!)

You’ve probably heard someone say, “Northside is an intergenerational church family.” Is that a good thing? Is it an accurate statement? If it’s a good thing, how can we make it better? Throughout the Bible, God’s people are challenged to be a blessing from one generation to the other. Parents (and grandparents) have the task of raising children in the “training and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6.4). Young men have responsibilities to older men (and vice versa), and similar instructions are given between older and younger women. Intergenerational is a very good thing.

These are just some of the things that Northside does to encourage good relations between our generations: Titus 2 groups for women, Prayer Pals, social and service events between our Life Stage classes, Family Camp, Wichita WorkCamp, and adult sponsors/teachers/mentors for all of our youth group activities.

From August 14 through November 6, we’re going to mix things up with our Sunday Life Stage classes. (Our fall classes are introduced in the Ministry Minute article on Page 3). For one quarter, we’re going to encourage you to attend a different Sunday morning Bible class!

  1. This is a temporary disruption to our Life Stage classes. Class leaders and class emailers will continue with email prayer chains and class news during these 12 weeks. Bible classes will “return to normal” on Sunday, November 13.
  2. This is a voluntary activity. Some Northsiders may prefer to stay in their regular classroom, and that’s OK.
  3. When you arrive for class on Sunday, August 14, you’ll be greeted at either of our outside doors with a slip of paper which will have your classroom assignment for the upcoming 12 weeks. If you prefer the auditorium class, that’s OK. In that case, don’t take a slip of paper.
  4. What possibly could go wrong? If we have too many in one classroom, feel free to move to a less-crowded room – no harm done.
  5. As we study the Life of David together, it will be a blessing to hear an older person make a comment or ask a question. And it will be good for a younger person to respond. God’s word always speaks to different generations in the right way at the right time.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.