Sometimes a simple story or two explains the KYB television ministry very well. So, here are four:

[From our Burlington, IA, partner] “When our operator answers, she hears the excited voice of a lady asking if this is the Know Your Bible program. When she is told yes, there is a small squeal and more excited voices in the background. The lady says, ‘I can’t believe I got through! I can’t believe I got through! We just want to thank you for the program and tell you that we really enjoy it. Thank you. Goodbye.’ And she hangs up.   It was a day brightener.”

[From a viewer in response to a question about the Earth being destroyed] “The Bible says this earth will remain forever. Only Jehovah’s Witnesses have the truth of the Bible. Your ignorance shines through your broadcasts.”

[Response after answering an email question about the Trinity] “Thanks so much! It is hard to understand, but that really helped! My husband and I very much enjoy watching you and Toby and gaining knowledge from you!”

[From Linda] “Thank you so much for this email reply as your answers to my questions are so helpful and important to me. I have been watching your Know Your Bible weekly program and am currently taking the Bible courses offered. For the past 35 years I had been in a church where the Old Testament was observed, the New Covenant was not recognized, Doomsday was a focal point, and, sadly, we were taught to intensely fear God. In this religion, I always felt I was never giving enough, not good enough, and I was never trying hard enough. I reluctantly stayed in that church for I feared God too much to leave as this church taught us, scripturally, that it was the one and only church God recognized, and several of my beloved family and friends were still members. I finally walked away. Since then, still stuck in the Old Testament teachings, I was confused and torn as to what path God actually wanted and the Bible   became a puzzle. One day I accidentally saw your Know Your Bible program and a subject you touched upon was the New Covenant. Finally, and with proven scripture, I began a new path. I found the answer to most of my troubling questions and have been watching your program ever since. I am also enjoying your Bible courses. Presently, I am retired and handicapped, so you can imagine how I depend on Bible home study. I truly thank you for your TV program and courses, which have started me on the right path, and have begun to help me rid myself from the guilt and confusion of letting go of the 35 years of old teachings. God bless you, Linda.”