A few weeks ago, I spent Sunday morning with the church in St. John, KS. It was a joy to worship and fellowship with such a friendly, welcoming family. During their class and sermon time I was privileged to share with them about the work of Know Your Bible and thank them for their support of that ministry. (The church in St. John has sent a financial gift to KYB every month since the program began in 1986!) 

In 2 Corinthians 8:23 Paul said, “As for Titus, he is my partner and fellow worker among you; as for our brethren, they are messengers of the churches, a glory to Christ.” That is just one of the many instances when Paul took time in his letters to recognize some of his “fellow workers.” The Lord’s church in St. John is one of our “fellow workers” in the KYB ministry. As Paul would say, they are “a glory to Christ.” 

Below is a list of the congregations who currently support KYB financially. The next time you thank God for the ministry, include one or more of these “fellow workers” in your prayer.

 Kansas Market: Augusta, Colby, Derby, East Point Wichita, Eastwood Hutchinson, Emporia, Eureka, Great Bend, Isabel, Kingman, Larned, Meade, Pratt, St. John,   Stafford, Sylvia, Wellington

  • Missouri Market: Mansfield, MO, Greenfield, MO, Watermill
  • Iowa/Illinois Market: Burlington, IA, Sterling IL,          Moline, IL, Muscatine, IA
  • South Dakota Market: Sioux Falls, Mitchell SD, Watertown, SD, Brookings SD

While Northside members provide the majority of KYB funding, we don’t, and couldn’t, do it alone. In addition to the congregations listed above, there are a number of faithful individuals who send support to the ministry. I won’t list them by name (they wouldn’t want me to), but their faithfulness and generosity is also a huge help to KYB and “a glory to Christ.”

KYB anecdote: After church in St. John, I went to lunch with two elders and their wives. We drove a few miles up the road to Hudson, KS, and experienced a great small-town, home-cooked, Sunday buffet at the local café. After lunch, we had exited the café when we heard someone behind us trying to get our attention. The gentleman who had followed us out was pointing at me and saying, “You’re that guy on TV! We just watched you this morning!” Thanks to all our fellow workers, KYB reaches a long ways, even to Hudson, KS.