Know Your Bible is a teaching ministry.  We receive all kinds of questions from folks from all kinds of perspectives.  Religious to anti-religious.  Sincerely questioning to antagonistically attacking.  We try to respond always by “speaking the truth in love” and trust some of our teaching takes root in good hearts. 

But sometimes Know Your Bible is a learning ministry.  A student teaches us something.  The letter reprinted (in part) below is an example.  The writer is a BCC student from a prison in Texas.  I’m sure you’ve heard sermons about what confession and repentance mean, and can give their textbook definitions.  See if this letter teaches you anything…

“Dear Bro. Steve Tandy,

I owe you an apology.  I wasn’t being faithful in my walk with Christ and I fell from the grace of God.  I have done things and said things that aren’t fit for a Christian.  I allowed my past and my fellow inmates (who have no desire to live right or for God) to influence me in my actions which are not right in God’s eyes.  During the time I was in this lost state, I threw away all my Bible Studies and literature.  I did keep my Bible.  I also quit calling my Christian brothers on the phone and going to my Bible Study class.  Then I realized what I was missing because I wasn’t reading my Bible, memorizing Scripture, doing Bible studies, or fellowshipping with my brothers in Christ in class.  I decided I no longer wanted to live for self but for Christ and His church (my family in Christ).  So what I’m saying is that I fell from grace and I’m asking for your forgiveness for all my actions.  I would also like to ask, it is possible, can you please send me the study lesson where I left off, so we can continue our studies  together?  I pray that you will be able to find it in your heart to forgive me.

Your brother in Christ,”