We answer an average of eight questions each week on Know Your Bible. Those are selected from all the questions we’ve received since our last recording session. Many of them have been asked repeatedly over the years, but a surprising number are “new and different” – even after 37 years. When a questioner gives us their email or mailing address, we send them a direct answer immediately. One gratifying part of KYB is the      feedback we get from viewers. Here are a few recent ones.

From Kay in Wilton, Iowa: “I want to thank you for a prompt response and a very eye-opening answer. You told me to look up passages in Matthew and Mark, and I understand the saying much better and clearer. Thank you again and I’ll keep watching and learning from the three of you.”

From Kevin in Princeville, Illinois: “Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question. You confirmed what I have learned and “reasoned about” for over 25 years. You even included scriptures about things I always believed were wrong. Thanks again, sir, and may God bless you all.”

From Samuel (in prison) in Huntsville, Texas: “God’s greetings, grace, mercy, and His awesome and amazing blessing of healing, health, finances, great prosperity, uplifting joy and real love to you and all of the members of the Know Your Bible ministry. I just want to say thank you for allowing me to continue the lessons. I have a life sentence, and have 18 years to do  before I come up for parole. I’m 60 today and will be 78 then. This is to reassure you I’ll complete the lesson courses. My prayers will continue for the ministry.”

From Glenn: “Thank you for your show. We love the show so much. You answer our questions instead of telling us what you think we need to know. And the answers come from the three most knowledgeable men!  My mother and I have never been to your church, but would like to come to a Sunday morning service sometime. Thanks again.”