Gone Fising

I suppose the phrase, “Gone Fishing,” has been around for eons, or at least as long as mankind has enjoyed the sport and necessity of fishing.  You can find the phrase on plaques in nearly every souvenir store in every state. I have seen it hanging on the wall in business offices and in home dens.  It appeals to me because fishing is very near the top of my “play” list.  I have fly-fished with my dad since I was in grade school.  While living in Oklahoma and Arkansas, every time we would cross a creek big enough to get in (and there were plenty) he and    I would flip a coin to see who went upstream and who went downstream.  Be back in 30 minutes and let’s see who has the most fish (pan fish mostly). It was my time with dad, and I loved every minute of being with him and catching fish.

Since we live on a residential pond, I get to fish nearly every night in good weather, and recently had the opportunity to fish the infamous Henry’s Fork of the Snake River in eastern Idaho.  Oh my, what an experience.  Clear, swift running water with Rainbows, Browns and Cutthroat in abundance.  Yup, we caught our limit.  I’ve decided there must be fishing in heaven…that’s why they call it “heaven,” “paradise,” and “glory!” Right?

When Jesus called Simon (Peter) and Andrew to be his disciples, he told the two fishermen, “I will make you fishers of men” (Mathew 4:19).  In other words, he had a higher calling for them.  They would be fishing for the souls of individuals,   catching them for Christ. They were delighted and followed. Their fishing status was about to climb to new heights and new meaning.  Their new “catches” would be much greater than their old ones.

Concerning the souls of men, Jesus told his disciples “the harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few” (Matthew 9:37). When fishing for the souls of men, there is no such thing as a “dry hole” where there are no fish. The harvest of souls is plentiful. You and I are the laborers (fishermen).  Let’s hang the sign and go fishing.  Joy and Celebration is in the next cast of His Word!