Got the Tickets?

Got the Tickets?

While our boys were growing up we had season tickets to Shocker basketball games. When we got in the car to head to the game, whoever was the first to ask, “Got the tickets?” received a prize. This tradition was started after the game when we got almost to the field house and I realized I’d left the tickets at home. I recount this bit of Tandy family trivia to remind you to “Get The Tickets” to attend the Women Walking with God conference.

Reason 1: It’s March. The Conference is in April. Do the math. That’s right around the corner.

Reason 2: The NEW venue. After years of “too-small” and “too-big” venues, we think we’ve found one that’s “just right!”  “New,”     “modern,” “beautiful,” and “accessible” all describe the Maize Performing Arts Center. We believe it will make the wwwG in-person experience better than ever! (If you weren’t a fan of hiking up and down the stairs at Hartman, you’ll love the new venue.)

Reason 3: Seating is limited this year. Having a venue that’s “just right” means you won’t be surrounded by empty seats. But it also means that waiting until the last minute to buy tickets may be too late.

Reason 4: It’s the considerate thing to do. The Management Team and their Team Leaders make hundreds of decisions that require a “number.” How would you like to plan a party at your house and have no idea how many people would show up?  For the wwwG party,  someone has to stock the bookstore, boutique, and café, decide how many programs to print, etc. The earlier you Get The Tickets, the easier you make their task.

Reason 5: Whether you were part of #1 in 2007 and have been coming ever since, or this is your first experience at wwwG, let me remind you that this is an event unlike any other. The dream has always been a world-class conference just for women. Fellowship and fun are a big part of it, but at the heart of it all is the opportunity to be changed by the Word as presented by great teachers. We have some new faces and some returning favorites that will continue our standard of excellence.

Ladies, Get The Tickets – for you and a friend or two! Men, assure your wife that you can handle the kids for the weekend – encourage her to go – Get The Tickets for her!