Guest Lunch – Feast or Famine?

Guest Lunch – Feast or Famine?

Research shows that a church keeps 85% of its guests who come back for a second visit the week after their first visit. Can you think of a better way to encourage our guests to visit again than inviting them to Guest Lunch?

Here’s How YOU Can Help with Guest Lunch

  1. Pay attention to when your group is scheduled to host and bring food.
  2. At the lunch, meet the guests and eat with them.
  3. If you see someone you don’t know and you’re not sure whether he’s a guest or a member, don’t sweat it! Just take a deep breath, walk right up, and say, “Hi, my name is ______, and I don’t think we’ve met.”
  4. If you really love Jesus, bring food and stay for Guest Lunch even when it’s not your turn!
  5. If you’re going to eat Guest Lunch food while you attend an after-church meeting, please bring food for the lunch.
  6. Don’t know which group you’re in? Call the office or check the group lists on the bulletin board in the Multipurpose Room hallway.

“Somebody else will do it.”

When it’s your group’s turn to host Guest Lunch, do you ever think, “There are a lot of people in our group. I don’t need to help because I’m sure plenty of them will bring food.” I want to encourage you NOT to have that attitude. The truth is that some Sundays there is an abundance of food (feast), but on other Sundays, group leaders have to run to Walmart to buy more (famine).

Everybody has to eat after church, and Chick-fil-A is closed. Bring some food and help with Guest Lunch. You’ll be glad you did!