Harvest Sunday is November 13!

Harvest Sunday is November 13!

Have you heard of Carpenter Place? If you’ve been around the Northside family for a while, then you likely have.  But, if you are new to Northside, you may wonder why we are so passionate and enthusiastic for carpenters.  

While carpenters are great, Carpenter Place is actually a church of Christ children’s home. It began back in 1946 as a collective effort among local congregations to care for children by providing them a home and spiritual guidance. Carpenter Place (which started as Midwest Children’s Home, then later was named Maude Carpenter Children’s Home) is on a mission to nurture deeply hurting girls to restored relationships with God, family, and community.

Our elders believe so much in their mission that we have been longtime supporters in the work of Carpenter Place. And that’s where our annual Harvest Sunday comes in. It’s a special day we designate each year to provide blessings to the girls at Carpenter Place. This year’s Harvest Sunday is scheduled for Sunday morning, November 13.

Here’s how Harvest Sunday works:

  •  Listed at the right are Carpenter Place’s most-needed items. We want YOU to purchase these items.
  • On November 13, please bring your purchased donations to the Northside building.
  • Teen helpers will be at both entrances before class and between class and worship. If you need help bringing your donations in, just pull up to either the north or south doors and they will bring a cart to help you bring them in.
  • All donated supplies should be brought to the stage in the auditorium. They will be collected throughout the morning.

As a reminder, if you are enrolled in the Dillons Community Rewards Program to support  Carpenter Place, purchasing your items at Dillons will result in double blessings for Carpenter Place. If you aren’t enrolled in the program or have questions about it or Harvest Sunday, please contact Luke or Jennifer Campbell.

To make a monetary donation to Carpenter Place, visit carpenterplace.org and click the “donate” button at the top of the page.

Carpenter Place provides everything needed by the young girls in their care. As you can imagine, they go through pantry items quickly. Let’s help them get a stockpile of supplies as we fill the stage for Harvest Sunday this year!