Helping Churches


One of the original goals for the Know Your Bible television ministry was to “contribute to the growth of every congregation in our viewing area.”  That was the vision over thirty years ago, and we continue to discover different ways that it actually comes true.  The original idea was that each church of Christ in the viewing area could claim the program as “their own.”  We encourage congregations to advertise and promote KYB  in their area in any way they can.  We even give supporting congregations official business cards listing their church as the provider of the program.  Some have advertised the show in their local paper or “shoppers spree” magazines.  Some promote with signs or on their church marquee.  In Sioux Falls the church bought advertising on prominent bus stop benches.  Over the years we’ve held a lot of seminars in various churches that were advertised as “the hosts of Know Your Bible” being in town.  We want the local church to utilize KYB as their outreach program.

When a student completes a Bible course, we work hard at getting that student’s information and certificate to somebody at the  closest congregation.  That contact can then personally deliver the certificate, meet the student, and invite them to visit their church of study the Bible.  Churches who work hard at that have had excellent results.

We also realize that a number of congregations use KYB as a teaching tool for their own members.  There have been lots of Sunday and Wednesday classes utilizing recordings of the show and discussions of the answers.  Recently, I was contacted by the church in  Watertown, SD.  They have been using VHS recordings of that day’s program for a Sunday afternoon Bible study, and wanted to know if there was an easier way to get the current program.  (That’s a little tricky due to the closed captioning process, but we’re working on it.)  We’ll keep on figuring out ways to help churches with the ministry.

One interesting note before I close.  The congregation of the Lord’s church in Mansfield, MO (just east of Springfield) recently contacted me to set up a monthly donation to Know Your Bible.  Their small congregation has been sending $50 a month to another television ministry, and recently decided that they would prefer that money to go to KYB.  I assured them it would be used to teach the Word – and help churches!