Q:  What’s going on with the Women Walking with God Conference? 

A:  A LOT!  Way too much to explain in a bulletin article.

Q:  Why wasn’t there a Conference this past Spring?

A:  After Covid affected the 2020 and 2021 Conferences, wwwG leadership decided to take a fresh look at the whole ministry.  They came up with an exciting new vision for wwwG to reach many, many more women in a year-round way.  Implementing all the changes in a quality way just couldn’t happen by Spring this year.

Q:  Will there be a Conference next year?

A:  Yes.  Mark your calendar for April 14-15, 2023.  Hartman Arena is booked.  An amazing line-up of speakers and talent is in store.  It promises to be bigger and better than ever!

Q:  So how will that reach more women?

A:  Glad you asked.  That’s part of the exciting new vision.  The 2021 Conference was “iffy” due to continued Covid confusion.  A virtual option was hurriedly put together for women who couldn’t come in person, so they could live stream the weekend.  The response was outstanding and sparked the new vision.  Women in many congregations got together in their homes or at their church building and experienced wwwG together – remotely.  The new vision includes offering a virtual option for women who can’t come to Wichita, and for congregations to host their own simulcast event in their community.  WwwG will provide a world-class experience, and they can reach out to their own community in a personal way.  Many congregations already host an annual Ladies Day.  This option will enable them to have the “Best Ladies Day Ever!”

Q:  I saw something about a REFRESH event at Northside last week.  Was that part of wwwG?

A:  Definitely.  The wwwG ministry produced a 90 minute “mini-conference” called Refresh.  It was designed to give congregations a “taste” of the Spring event, and be suitable for use at their annual Ladies Day/Retreat, or fellowship gathering, if they desired.  The production is available free now through October 31, and the response has been very encouraging.  To see how it worked in real life, our ladies who organize Northside’s annual Ladies Retreat accepted the challenge.  They altered their normal plans a bit to host Refresh at the building last Saturday.  They included their normal crafts, fellowship, and good food with a viewing of the video.  Over 100 women registered, and a number of guests were present.  It was a Win-Win!

That’s all the room I have for questions.  If you have more questions or want to get involved, contact one of the wwwG Management Team:  Brenda Carver, Amy Dopps, Carol Homes, or Cammie Nelson.