One of the most popular things about our Know Your Bible television ministry is that we never ask the viewers for money.  And I mean never.  Most media ministries solicit funds – either low-key or hard-sell – during the program, when you respond, when you order the “free” offer, or all of the above.  Not so at KYB.  When I meet people in public who recognize me, one of the most frequent comments is, “…and you never ask for money!”

While that is unique in the religious media world, I find it even more unique that KYB rarely asks ANYONE for money – including all of our supporters.  Once a year we take one Sunday morning sermon time to update Northside on the status of the program – including the finances.  We ask for an annual commitment so we can plan ahead, but it’s far from a hard-sell push for money.  Other than that, our fund-raising efforts are non-existent.

In spite of those unique tactics, KYB continues (for 38 years) to have enough money to get by.  Even though it gets a little “close” sometimes, the bills have always gotten paid on time.  Some years we even have a little surplus.  A few exceptional gifts over the years have allowed us to expand into new markets, and the funds to sustain those markets always seems to “appear” when most needed.  It makes one think that perhaps God really is Jehovah-jireh.  The God who provides!

One of my favorite memories of Jehovah-jireh in action happened years ago when the FCC ruled that all TV programming had to provide closed captioning.  Once I checked a few sources to see what it would cost and realized it would add about $10,000 a year to a tight budget, I sat back and began to wonder where that much money could possibly come from.  The phone rang.  It was a former Northsider.  She could designate a charity to receive a payout from a relative’s trust, and she wondered if Know Your Bible could use the $10,000.  To quote Abraham, “The Lord will provide.”

Today I received a call from a brother in Strafford, Missouri.  The small congregation there has been blessed with some growth, and they feel they are able to start contributing to some mission works.  They were already familiar with KYB, but one of their newer members came to them from the church in Marshfield, MO, where he had been baptized after watching KYB and taking the Correspondence Course.  After considering a number of options, the brethren in Strafford have committed to supporting our program with $200 per month.  Praise Jehovah-jireh!