I observed Cyber Monday by buying absolutely nothing.  But when I do shop online, I usually check out a few of the customer reviews to see what folks think of the product and the service.  Before I spend my money, I like to know I’m getting a good product from a company with good service.

Lots of folks make end-of-year contributions to charities and ministries – often for tax savings, but also to make a difference in this world.  If you are contemplating end-of-the-year giving opportunities, I would suggest the Know Your Bible television ministry.  Here are a couple of recent “customer reviews” of KYB’s product and service.

Email from Bradleyville, MO:  “My family and I enjoy watching Know Your Bible, which we record and watch during our nightly Bible study time.  Thank you for your commitment to the gospel and for helping people open their minds and hearts as well as their Bibles.”  (The “customer” then asked a very polite question about how we had answered a recent question – and  suggested another verse we could have used in our answer.)  He closed the email with, “Thanks again for all you do!  Keep up the good work.”

Email from June and Lyla:  “Please explain Exodus 34:7 where God said He will punish children for the sins of their parents to the third and fourth generation.  I read the Bible to a lovely 95 year-old Christian woman who was disturbed by this verse and questioned me about it.  We watch Know Your Bible together and I suggested that we send it in to the show.  Thank you and God bless you!”  (I responded with an explanation of the verse.)  A few days later I got this email in response:  “Thank you so much for the response and explanation.  I will share this with Mrs. June during my caregiver shift with her tomorrow.  Be blessed!”

Of course we receive a few negative reviews, but they are few and far between.  Those two reviews from last week are a great indication of what KYB accomplishes.  People with good hearts and a respect for the Bible appreciate the “product” we offer.  They like our straight from-the-book answers and the way we help them understand the Bible.

If you want to invest in a highly effective ministry, you won’t find one better than Know Your Bible.