Know Your Bible “Problems”

If you are a DirecTV subscriber you were without KSN 3 (and as a result – Know Your Bible) for a number of weeks  recently.  I don’t claim to know how a company can sell you a product promised to include a certain ingredient (KSN), and then simply leave it out for a few months.  I don’t even know which media empire to blame.  But, I do know that we got a considerable number of “complaints” that we weren’t on the air.  People miss the program when it’s not available.

Preemptions for sports are also a problem we endure.  Since KYB is broadcast on all three major networks (NBC in KS and SD; CBS in IL; and ABC in MO), we get bumped a few times a year by golf, tennis, auto racing, and even soccer.  That’s an annoying problem for some folks.  A BCC student recently wrote to her grader, “I often watch the program on Sunday morning with my disabled father.  He is a dedicated viewer and gets very upset when the program is replaced with other station programming.  The program and the courses are absolutely marvelous.”

Another KYB “problem” came via email recently.  A gentleman in South Dakota said, “I’ve been recording and watching your TV program every Sunday morning for several years.  However, I’m a seasonal resident and I spend four or five months in Arizona each year.  Is there a way I can get your program on TV in Arizona, or on my computer?  Keep up the good work on your Sunday morning program.”     Although we don’t broadcast in Arizona, I informed him he could watch previous programs on our website.  Hopefully that will get him through the tough winter months in Sun City.

Here’s another “problem” we experienced lately.  We lost a couple of viewers.  Thankfully, they kindly wrote to tell us why.  They lived in western Kansas and were frequent financial contributors to KYB.  Their letter explained that they had moved to Colorado and are worshiping with a wonderful congregation of 300 members.  They also wrote, “You were our church for several years as we watched each Sunday morning when we could not travel the 80-90 miles to the closest Church of Christ.  Thank you Toby and Steve from the bottom of our hearts!”

All these “problems” tell us that Know Your Bible is reaching people!  Sunday, October 27, is our annual Know Your Bible Sunday.  Start praying and planning to help keep this great work on the air – even with all the “problems.”