KYB is a Great Investment

JBU - Tandy 150x150If you listen to much radio or watch much TV you constantly hear about the BEST EVER way to invest for the future.  Buy some gold, buy an annuity, play the stock market… or never buy gold, never buy annuities, and get out of the stock market.  It is admittedly a bit confusing.  A fellow might even get skeptical enough to conclude that there aren’t any sure-fire places to hide a few dollars for a rainy day.  I read a well-respected expert the other day who confirmed such skepticism.  His advice: “Don’t lay up any treasures on earth!”  Of course the expert was Jesus and you can find his full investment newsletter in  Matthew 6:19-21.

In case you want to follow His sure-fire counsel you’ll need to find something that pays dividends in heaven.  Fortunately, I know of quite a few – and I won’t even charge you a fee to reveal at least one this week.  Two weeks ago, I shared this tip with everyone attending our annual Know Your Bible Sunday report at Northside.  Some of you may have missed it, so I’d recommend you make a gift or pledge to the KYB ministry.  It’s got a proven record for 30+ years.  Countless souls will be in heaven because of all the wise investors who have faithfully supported this effort.  Many of those souls are sitting in the Northside pews on Sunday, many are worshipping in congregations around our viewing area and beyond, and many will remain unknown to us until we “cash out” and see the final returns.

In case you need some financial reasons, another exciting thing about this form of investment is that you can buy some “shares” and save taxes at the same time.  Of course charitable contributions are tax deductible, but the law of the land recently made permanent another extended benefit.  IRA distributions (which some of you have to take) are now tax free if you designate them go directly to Know Your Bible.  Check with your accountant before you take your year-end distributions and find out how easy it is to do.  You may already have your payout earmarked for a new big screen TV or a newer model car, but remember they will just wear out or rust out.  (That’s in the expert’s report too.)  So consider switching to a proven eternal portfolio.  I can assure you that Know Your Bible is better than gold and silver!