One definition of a legacy is “anything handed down from the past.”  This season of the year most of us will observe many traditions that are a legacy from generations long past. This Sunday we will worship together (albeit virtually in some cases) and do things that were done 2,000 years ago. Those truths and traditions we recognize as a legacy.

I began thinking about legacies when I received an email from a Know Your Bible viewer this week. She mentioned the passing of Bill Oakley [see programming note at the end of this article], and recounted how she had sent KYB an email in May 2017, and how much Bill’s answer helped. She said, “It was concerning something that was troubling me very much at the time. Bill’s response helped me greatly.” The viewer then recounted how God has blessed her in the years since and concluded with her desire to help others. She wrote, “So, I just wanted to give you an update and thank you for the response which greatly helped me.  If you have a program for families in need, please send me information so I can contribute.” Bill answered thousands of questions in his 27 years on KYB and certainly left a great legacy.

For 34 ½ years, Know Your Bible has been adding to its legacy. We can count how many students are currently studying the Bible and we could tally up the resulting baptisms, restorations, and recommitments that we have been told about over the decades. That would give us just a partial picture of KYB’s legacy. We have no idea the number of family members, or even generations, who have followed an obedient student into a life with Christ. Certainly this ministry is leaving a great legacy.

None of that could happen, of course, without the faithful supporters of the ministry. Those of you who have given your time to grade BCCs or answer phones and those of you who have provided the finances for this work are also leaving an amazing legacy. It’s unlikely anyone will write an email years later to thank you for what you’ve done – but know that you are appreciated for the legacy you are leaving!

[Programming Note: At our first taping opportunity after Bill Oakley’s passing, we included a brief tribute to Bill in Program #1475.  That program was broadcast last week in Springfield and will be shown this week in the Kansas market. You can record it Sunday at 10 am on KSN or you can watch it now in the “Program Archives” at www.knowyourbible.com.]