MAGI Boxes for Pleasant Valley Elementary

MAGI Boxes for Pleasant Valley Elementary

For the past six years, Northside has been working with our neighbor, Pleasant Valley Elementary School, to help them with different things and be a good neighbor since they are just two miles south of our building.

This year we are planning to continue a tradition we call the MAGI (Making a Godly Impact) Boxes, where we give every fifth grade student a Christmas gift box from Northside.

Here is how the project works: On Sunday, November 20, as you enter the building, you will notice stacks of empty shoeboxes in the foyer. (There are only 50 this year.) Please take one and fill it with inexpensive gift items for a fifth grade boy or girl. (A shopping list will be inside each box. $25 limit, please.) By the way, this would make a great way to serve others with your Prayer Pal, so invite them to join you!

Remember to bring the boxes back to Northside by Sunday, December 4! They should be unwrapped and secured with rubber bands. The boxes will then be decorated and delivered to the school to be given to the children before their Christmas break.

If you would like to donate to the project financially or help to wrap, sort, or deliver the boxes, please call me at 722-6274.