Meet Our New Deacon – Paul Herrington

Meet Our New Deacon – Paul Herrington

Last Sunday, Paul Herrington was appointed to serve as Northside’s newest deacon since he began directing our annual Family Camp this year. I like to “introduce” each new deacon in the bulletin, so read on to learn more about Paul and Family Camp.

Paul has been a Northside member since he was 15. His family came to the church in 1994. Paul’s mother, Pat, is still a member, and his father, Jerry, passed away in 2018. Paul and Stacey were married 18 years ago and are blessed with four children: Titus (11), Solomon (8), Hannah (6), and Asher (3).

The Herringtons have always been active in the work of the church. Paul has served on the Missions Oversight Team for many years, and he and Stacey did mission work in Haruna, Japan, from 2009 to 2011. Paul served for a couple of years as a deacon over local evangelism. He has taught children’s classes for many years, helps lead Children’s Training Hour, has served as a Wichita WorkCamp crew leader, and co-leads the 10th & 11th grade boys’ small group. He also co-leads an adult small group.

Stacey has taught children’s classes for years, she volunteers in the nursery, coordinates showers, has helped with the WWWGod conference, provided meals for sick or bereaved members, and currently leads a Connect women’s Bible study in her home.

Paul loves Family Camp and has attended for more than 25 years. He was an obvious choice to replace Kreg Greenwood, who served as its director for 30 years. Below are Paul’s thoughts about Family Camp.