Meet the MOT

Meet the MOT

Northside’s MOT (Missions Oversight Team) was formed by the elders in 2007. As the name implies, our job is to oversee the work of Northside’s missionaries and keep tabs on our other mission works around the globe.

Can you spare a couple of minutes? If so, keep reading, and I’ll introduce you to the members of the MOT and explain what we do.

Adam Clothier is our newest member and serves as our liaison with ILEB, the Latin American Bible Institute. He was a missionary in Northern Ireland with the Adventures in Missions program and then earned a degree in Biblical Studies from Heritage University.

Matt Babiash joined the MOT in 2021 to serve as Jonathan Hanegan’s liaison. Now that we support Chema & Vanessa Izarra as Jonathan’s full-time teammates, Matt is also their liaison. Matt and his wife, Kimberly, made a site visit to Buenos Aires in 2019.

Bill Howell served as our liaison with Robin & Chrissy Vick in Scotland for many years, then after a break, rejoined the MOT and now handles our accounting. Bill served as an elder at his previous congregation and was involved in their mission work in Africa.

Kevin Nash served as the Vicks’ liaison until they left the mission field, and now is our liaison with Wes Anderson and the Downtown Church of Christ in Kansas City. This is an inner-city work we started supporting in 2023. Kevin is also responsible for periodic updates of the missions bulletin board in the hallway leading into the Multipurpose Room.

Paul Herrington has served on the MOT almost from the beginning. He and his wife, Stacey, worked as missionaries in Japan from 2009 to 2011, and then Paul rejoined the MOT when they returned to the States. His most recent role was to serve as our liaison with Alex & Erin Flood for nine years during their work in St. Paul, MN. He and his family made several site visits there.

Mark Yeakley (yours truly) has served on the MOT from the beginning. I am the committee’s chairman and have had the privilege to make site visits to Venezuela and Argentina to visit Jonathan, to Scotland to visit the Vicks and the Maxwells, and to Ecuador to visit the Rivas and Canelón families. I also serve as liaison with our Ecuador missionaries, and I’m studying Spanish and meeting with them weekly via Zoom to help them learn English. Recently, I was blessed to worship with the Downtown KC church, and in 2022, Kimberlee and I toured the headquarters of World Christian Broadcasting in Tennessee with its president, Andy Baker.