Men’s Ministry 2019

We kicked off the 2019 version of the Northside Men’s Ministry on March 2 with a Cowboy Chicken luncheon. Forty-five men (young and old) enjoyed the meal, the fellowship and a quick review of Larry Allen’s new workbook, The Lord’s Champions. We also discussed some functions of the ministry for the coming year, especially how men can better serve. As our men’s ministry functions as a body, we are all still individuals in Christ. Therefore, I would like to share Part 1 of some “non-negotiable” qualities of Christian men:


  1. Christian Men are Protectors: We are not oppressors, but protectors of the weak. From a physical point of view, we should be protectors of women, children and the weak. From a spiritual point of view, we should do the same, with all our might.
  2. Christian Men are Gentlemen: A gentleman opens a door for a lady (young or old), offers himself for carrying heavy loads, walks along the danger side of the road, gives his coat or jacket, respects women, passes sincere compliments. A gentleman demonstrates his strength through gentlemen qualities.
  3. Christian Men Use their Time Wisely: We must realize that killing time is among the greatest crimes ever committed by man. Once that time is gone, you will never get it back. The Apostle Paul said we should be “redeeming the time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:16).
  4. Christian Men Improve Themselves: How can I improve my understanding of Biblical truths? How can I effectively apply those truths? How can I help someone else overcome sin? Who can I assist that needs my help? Are there younger men who need my mentoring? Does my son need more of my time? Am I becoming a better husband every day? Am I a proper role model for other men?
  5. Christian Men Should Have the Right Goals in Life: A man without proper ambition is a man without passion and drive. Christian men should have a carefully thought out direction in their life. Our ultimate goal is to be faithful in the Kingdom of God and from there, we can plan our life within that ultimate goal. Keeping our eyes on Jesus sure makes a huge difference in our everyday goals.