Missions News from Buenos Aires

Missions News from Buenos Aires

I’m excited that Jonathan Hanegan will be on furlough in Wichita January 30 – February 10. Please make plans to be at Northside this Sunday morning to hear his report on the mission work he’s doing in Argentina. Jonathan will also teach a  combined adult/teen class at 9 am on “The Mission of God” and will offer two more classes on that topic starting at 4 pm. And finally, during the evening service, he will preach on Christian hospitality in the early church and today.

In a recent report to the elders and missions committee, Jonathan shared a little about what’s been going on as he’s been getting settled into his new home and as COVID continues to cause major disruptions for his church and ministry.

“I’m all moved in and sometimes I still can’t believe it. Literally! Sometimes I wake up and wonder if I’m really in my house or in another place. I am so grateful for you, the whole Northside family, and the others who so generously donated and worked hard to make this dream a reality. Every time someone new comes over, I have the opportunity to tell them about you and your generous love.

“I have spent more time on the new house than I would have liked to. I have been waterproofing the roof, fixing leaks, double-checking the gas installation, fixing broken toilets and clogged-up pipes. I hope to finish most of the major repairs before fall (April) so I can focus once again fully on my ministry. There was even a small fire in my library due to a welding accident. :/

“COVID has really hit our city and our church. In the past few weeks, over 50% of our church has had COVID. Even though all of our brothers and sisters are vaccinated, some have still suffered some pretty bad fevers and body aches. Thankfully, most everyone is getting  better now. Because of this, we have met virtually for the last couple of weeks and will continue to do so until things get better. A lot of   people are getting COVID from public transportation because for many, there is no other way to get to work.

“I’m looking forward to seeing you and being with you at the end of this month. If I could describe with one word what I feel, it would be grateful. I am grateful for you, for the church at Northside, and all the beautiful (and difficult) things we can share as we follow Christ together.

“See you soon! Grace and peace.”