If you don’t “get” that title, I’m pretty sure you were not at church last week.  Last Sunday was our annual Know Your Bible Sunday.  Since 1986, we have taken one Sunday morning every year to update you on the status of our television program and receive gifts and pledges to finance the ministry for another year.  This year, when it was time to talk about the cost of KYB, we looked at the ESV translation of Luke 12:33-34 where Jesus tells us to prepare “moneybags of heavenly treasure.”  We considered that most of us have a few different moneybags – cash, 401k’s, savings accounts, “stuff,” etc.  We frequently move our money from one bag to another; maybe to save a little more, or to buy some more “stuff.”  Because of what Jesus said, we had to ask ourselves, “How much have I put in my heavenly moneybag?  What treasures have I stored up for heaven?”

The lost people reached by KYB are some of our heavenly treasures.  Some of them we know, because they are sitting in the pews next to us.  Many we just know from the letters and emails we receive about baptisms all over our viewing area.  Many, many more we will meet for the first time in heaven – where they will thank us for our part in enabling them to hear the gospel.  That’s how our heavenly moneybag will be opened in heaven.

Some of you began in 1986 putting some of your cash or savings into the KYB moneybag.  You’ve been faithful for over 33 years, and will keep giving all that you are able.  Thank you!

Some of you are new at Northside and perhaps heard about Know Your Bible for the first time.  If so, you learned a little about our largest outreach ministry, how it works, and what it accomplishes.  Hopefully, you are considering becoming a KYB supporter.  (Money given to KYB is over and above your regular contribution.  Some folks bring an annual gift, but most sign a commitment form and then fulfill their pledge by giving weekly or monthly throughout the next year.)  Discuss this opportunity to sow the seed.  We hope your family will decide to sacrifice so that KYB can continue to change lives.

Bring your commitment form this Sunday and put it in the plate.  Knowing your intentions for the next year helps us plan ahead.  Our philosophy has always been to sow all the seed we can afford.  In past years, we have occasionally received very generous gifts – and each time, we expanded our broadcast markets.  Let us know what to plan for in 2020!