New Members 6/19/22

New Members

Jacob & Andie Deffenbaugh were both born and raised in Wichita and met as freshmen at Circle High School. (Andie’s mom is the head of the math department there and coaches volleyball.) Jacob came with his family to Northside when he was three and is related to a large number of members. Jacob graduated from Oklahoma Christian in 2020 with a mechanical engineering degree and now works as a project engineer for Meter Engineers building pipeline equipment. Andie played volleyball at Butler for two years, graduating with an associates degree in 2017, and then attended OC, where she graduated in 2020 with a degree in communication design with a marketing minor. She now works as a marketing coordinator for Simpson Construction. Andie also operates her own graphic design business. Jacob & Andie both enjoy playing golf.

AJ & Malea Washee met at Northwest High School. He was born in Wichita and she was born in Nebraska and moved here when she was 15. AJ has done sheet metal work for Mechanical Systems for five years, and as part of his job training, earned an associates degree from WSU. He enjoys hunting just about anything and fishing, and the family recently moved back to Wichita after living six months in Estes Park, CO. Malea is a stay-at-home mom. She loves doing arts & crafts projects she finds on Pinterest and especially likes to crochet. The Washees have two sons. Ryder will be six in July and will be in first grade at Benton Elementary. He likes playing Minecraft and soccer and is very friendly. Angel will be two in July and was actually born on the same date as his big brother. Malea is a close friend of Northside member, Meagan Rosales.

Mia Westwood grew up in Douglass through sixth grade and then moved to Wichita, where she graduated from West High School. She is the second oldest of four children. Mia attended Poplar Ave. church of Christ for several years, so she already knows several Northsiders who were also members there. Her first job was managing a Taco Bell, but since 1998, she has worked for Textron as an accountant in Payroll Accounting. Mia earned a degree in accounting from WSU in 2008 while working full-time. She has one son, Jonathan, who will turn nine next week. He’ll be in fourth grade at Explorer Elementary in Goddard and likes reading, animals, riding his bike, playing soccer, and taking piano lessons. Mia enjoys doing community service, and has volunteered at Carpenter Place and the Lord’s Diner. She likes to cook and has helped frequently in children’s Bible classes. Mia also likes gardening, traveling, and visiting family. She and Jonathan have two dogs and a bearded dragon.