New Year’s Resolutions

What are your New Year’s resolutions? A few days ago I asked that question to a few Northsiders. Some said they’d rather make a change in their life as soon as they realize one is needed, and certainly no one can argue with that. But others still think there’s value in looking at the New Year as a time to turn over a new leaf and focus on a self-improvement goal. Below are a few of your fellow Christians’ resolutions. Maybe some will inspire you to make a positive change in your life.

  • Be more of a light for Jesus in Wichita. (This person plans to sign up to help with Celebrate Recovery as part of Northside’s Light of Life campaign.)
  • Complain less and focus more on my blessings.
  • Remodel our house. Eat healthier food. Have more family time together.
  • Read more.
  • Cut back on technology time in our household, including TV.
  • Bible time before the boys go off to school.
  • Be more present in every conversation I have.
  • Get my house organized, one room per month!
  • Attend Financial Peace University training to learn to manage money God’s way.
  • Attend worship every Sunday unless I’m sick or have to work. (I saw this new Christian at Northside on January 1. So far, so good!)
  • I resolve to consider a compliment a debt I owe from the moment I think it until the moment I speak it. As soon as a nice thought about someone pops into my mind, I will tell myself, “This doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to them.” I will send a text, write a card, or give them a call quickly, before I forget to pay up. Hopefully, paying them a compliment will brighten their day.
  • Spend less time in Facebook and more time in the Faith Book. I’m going to read my Bible daily.