Parent Cue App

Parent Cue App

Do you have a phone near you right now? Perhaps you are reading this on your phone. Our phones are amazing devices that are tools for communication. For most of us, they are always nearby and accessible. We jump when there is a ding to indicate someone has sent a message or a ring when someone is calling. We all crave communication, especially these days.

If you are a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, I would like to share a valuable way in which your phone/device can be used for communicating faith growth in the kids of your life. It is called the Parent Cue App.

We know what a parent is, but do you know what a cue is? It is something serving as a signal to begin a performance. Life can be so busy and demanding that we may need cues to remind us to intentionally communicate faith into the lives of the kids around us. We can become distracted by the loud noises of life and need to be reminded to hear the soft voice of God. It is faith-building for our little humans to know we are not distracted from the importance of conversations about God daily because He is our focus. It is Deuteronomy 6 lived out.

Parent Cue App is designed to give us the cue to connect to the heart of each child every week through Bible based content and practical things to talk about and do. It is age-specific and phase-appropriate, which is wonderful! These meaningful faith moments with the kids flow into the daily rhythm of family life. Using our phone, we have a powerful tool filled with posts, resources, podcasts (99 of them) and videos on categories such a Family Life, Character and Values, Current Events, and Technology to name a few. There is a Faith category that provides a link each Sunday for families to use together to encourage and develop faith in Jesus. It is a 20-30-minute visual experience which includes activity guides for the kids as per age group.

Parent Cue on YouTube will give a variety of choices for these lessons as well. This app is free for both Apple and Android phones and devices. I encourage each family to take advantage of this useful tool.