Waking up from a great night’s sleep or a very timely and needed nap is the absolute best. It’s amazing how God designed our bodies in such a way that we respond so vibrantly from rest. The Creator of all is intentional and purposeful with His plan for us to implement rest. God Himself rested from creating and destroying because He knew and desires for us to know when to say enough. Human beings are capable of sculpting and designing an absolute masterpiece in artwork or composed musical scores, but there must come a time even when creating a masterpiece that we say enough. Pushing things to the limit can often bring about disastrous outcomes.

Have you ever been extremely excited about an upcoming getaway road trip? A few summers ago, we planned a trip from Edmond, Oklahoma, to Miami, Florida. It was a 22-hour drive, and for some insane reason, I decided we should drive straight through, stopping only for fuel or food. Unwise and ill-advised, I chose not to listen to my better half’s counsel, as she suggested we should include plans to rest and refresh. Oh, what a precious price I paid as my sleep-deprived mind was totally brain-fogged the first day of activities.

Just in case you didn’t know let me share a brief list of the symptoms of sleep deprivation: slowed thinking; reduced attention span; worsened memory; poor or risky decision making; lack of energy; and mood changes, including feelings of stress, anxiety, or irritability.

I experienced quite a few of these symptoms the next day, the worst of them being the mood changes. I’m sharing this personal story and this list of sleep deprivation symptoms as a setup for this concluding thought. Quite a few of us can relate to not getting enough physical rest and limited sleep. But how often do we consider the effects of spiritual deprivation, possibly displayed by these behaviors/attitudes: Quick to judge; black and white thinking; criticism and sarcasm; right fighting or fault finding; unapologetic and unforgiving spirit; a victim, defeated, or excuse-making mindset.

As faith-walkers, we have a responsibility to know and recognize when it’s time to say enough and spend some quality time not just with Christ, but in Christ; to be still and know/experience God in a supernatural way. Time spent in Christ can and will refresh, restore and renew your spirit so God can utilize you for Kingdom purposes. Psalm 23:3 says “He refreshes my soul. He guides me along the right paths for his name’s sake.” Imagine laying down your overthinking, overdoing and over-functioning to be led beside quiet waters! Can you feel God’s   presence releasing you from the weight of burdens laid at his feet as you come unto him to receive rest? 

If you made a list of the symptoms associated with spiritual deprivation, what would be on your list? Or would you rather REFRESH *     RESTORE * RENEW in Christ?