Seeking Kingdom Outcomes

Seeking Kingdom Outcomes

How often in our daily living do we tend to overthink, over-speak, over-persuade, get over-involved, or just flat out take matters into our own hands? Is the practice of inserting ourselves or providing our judgmental conclusions and opinions something that just comes natural to all human beings? Maybe genetically speaking some of us are more preset to speak our minds or act without considering or consulting God? If that is the case, could that explain how or why we offend or take offense to others’ Facebook posts or untimely comments?

What makes us so opinionated or quick to require others to believe or interpret things exactly how we perceive them? Hold on now, before you get your feathers bristled up and take offense to the words expressed. I am not suggesting all human beings selfishly subscribe to taking matters into their own hands without inviting Christ into their circumstance.  No, not at all. You see, there are a select few who claim to be followers of Christ who have chosen to give up their old ways of thinking and behaving for the sake of applying godly principles, a new way of behaving that fall directly in alignment with the teachings of Christ. I believe they were first called Christians. Because of these select few and their willingness to die to self for the cause of Christ, there is still hope! Christ died so we could choose to live unified and glorify Him!

God knows exactly how He designed us and for what purposes. Our father desperately desires for us to choose to make Him first above all distractions, disruptions and attempts by the evil one to entice us to focus on secondary things as if they are primary (Matthew 6:33). God provides us a recipe for spiritual awakening as well.

Three primary ingredients involve…

  1. Reading and applying scripture to our daily living. (2 Timothy 3:16)
  2. Implementing and applying an active prayer life. (1 Thessalonians 5:17; Ephesians 6:18)
  3. Resting in Him, by meditating daily, spending intimate time with God. (Exodus 33:14, 34:21; Matthew 11:28)

These primary ingredients represent entry-level principles when applied consistently, place us in position to experience the Holy Spirit’s lead, and guide us through this world that is not our home in ways that reflect the light of Christ. When we choose to create time and space for God, the Holy Spirit will abide! Supplying strength, courage, wisdom and the spiritual discernment to know when to speak, to whom to speak, and how to deliver His truth with love! God’s timing and eloquent ways of restoring his chosen people are impeccable and yes, He utilizes imperfect people to reflect His radiant light. One of our primary tasks is to ensure we are emptying our flesh to provide space for His Spirit to manifest! May the things we express, critique, teach and preach unify and edify the body, for it’s God’s Kingdom on earth we seek!