Senior Member Support (SMS)

Senior Member Support (SMS)

From our beginning as a church family, Northside has always cared for our seniors. Sometimes we’ve had a formal ministry for that task, but many times, individual Northsiders have seen a need within the family and they’ve taken care of it. Simply put, serving each other is a big part of who we are at Northside.

Dennis and Terry Chrisco did a good job in this ministry, discovering what our seniors needed and lining up folks who could help. But the last couple of years have been especially difficult on our seniors. Today, we have about 170 members aged 70 or older. Many of our seniors don’t need any help and are doing very well in sharing their time and talents serving Northside. However, every day, somewhere in our church family, we have a senior who could use a helping hand.

Maybe it’s a ride to the doctor, maybe it’s a cell phone or a computer that isn’t working as it should be, maybe it’s a telephone call or a note of encouragement. Sometimes, our seniors need ongoing help with their daily challenges. Helping our seniors can be an individual or family activity, or it could be a special group project.

David & Brenda Heller and John & Brenda Sandlin have agreed to lead our renewed commitment to Northside seniors. As we’ve discussed restarting this ministry, this is a terrific opportunity for many Northsiders to serve. We want to honor our seniors and help with difficult daily chores. We want to increase interaction between generations at Northside. We want to glorify God in our service within the Northside church family.


What can you do to be part of this ministry?

  • Fill out and turn in a 2022 involvement survey and check the “jobs” you want to be asked to do in this ministry.
  •  Pray for opportunities to serve and then make time to be a blessing to a Northside senior.
  •  Encourage improved communication between Northsiders. As you see opportunities for this ministry, share your ideas and suggestions with the Hellers and Sandlins.
  •  In the middle of serving (driving to a doctor’s appointment, calling to combat loneliness, etc.) ask about their lives in Christ. The individual faith journeys of our seniors can and should be a blessing to your family.

“Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord  Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” (Colossians 3:17)