Small Group Sign-ups On August 21 & 28!

Small Group Sign-ups On August 21 & 28!

Acts 2 reminds us that early believers met both “in the temple courts” and “house to house.” Today, our place of public worship is a church building instead of a temple, but the “house to house” practice continues!

I want to encourage you to consider joining a small group. Small groups provide opportunities to make connections to get the love, compassion, encouragement, and friendship with other Christians that we all need. Relationships made in small groups can last a lifetime!

At Northside we are currently emphasizing intergenerational connections. We do that with our Prayer Pal ministry; our Sunday adult classes this quarter have randomly combined adults of all ages; and our small group ministry is another great way to facilitate intergenerational connections.

On two Sundays, August 21 & 28, there will be tables in the north and south end of the foyer for you to sign up for one of our small groups. Most of the groups are continuing from last year and one is new.

My prayer is that through a small group you will find a spirit of belonging and unity with fellow Northside brothers and sisters.