Summer in the City

Summer in the City

It’s hard to believe that our summer season is nearly here. But (check with your kids and grandkids), the 2022-2023 school season is almost over! High school graduations and weddings and family vacations… it’s a great time of year. Here is a quick update on Adult Education at Northside and a couple of other details about our upcoming summer schedule.

On Sundays, we’re in the middle of a six-month study of the book of Genesis, and that study will continue through the first Sunday in August. Many thanks to our current teachers. Keep up the good work!

On Wednesdays, Steve Tandy concluded his study of the Holy Spirit on April 26. Starting May 3, we will have guest speakers coming to Northside to exhort and encourage us. Please remember a couple of things on Wednesdays:

  1. Our guest speakers will be coming from Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Kansas City. They are godly men who will have prepared a lesson from God’s word to bless our church family. Summers can be a distraction, but as leaders in our respective families, let’s continue to make God and our Northside family a priority. 
  2. Once you’re in the building, let’s fellowship before and after the scheduled class time. It can be discouraging to see 25+ Northsiders in the Fellowship Hall, the foyer, and the hallways during class or the devotional. Let’s put our best foot forward, for God and for our guest speakers.
  3. Our summer Wednesday evening schedule will be abbreviated just a few minutes each week. We like to give our devotional speakers a break in the summer, and it would be a tough assignment to follow a 35-minute lesson delivered by a professional minister with another 5-minute message. And summertime is a great time for more fellowship! We’ll begin Bible class every week at 7 pm, and then around 7:45 we’ll have a few extra minutes of being together.
  4. From June through August we will once again have snow cones available by the playground for young families and the youth group. Jeff tells me he’s even thinking about blocking off some parking spaces to allow the kids to play basketball outside!

One more “thank you.” This one to the guys who do a great job with our Wednesday devotionals. “One verse, one encouragement, for 4-5 minutes” may appear to be an easy task, unless it’s outside your comfort zone and until you put that task on top of an already busy work/family schedule. That’s another good reason to get to the Auditorium on time and support and appreciate the work these men have accomplished. To God be all glory in the church.