Summer Intern Spotlight #1

POTTS_ Michael SI2016No doubt many of you have grown accustomed over the years to seeing what I would like to call “Toby’s Magical MultiplyingShadow!” Or, more simply put – Summer Youth Interns! Well, for this summer, 2016, I am proud to announce and present to you “MIKE’S Magical Multiplying Shadow!” Actually, their names are Michael Potts and Hallie Weber; and they are certainly way more important and exciting than a shadow. I have decided to dedicate my summer bulletin article spaces (June and July) to highlighting our Summer Interns as a way to help Northside get to know them! This week, I would like to introduce to you our male summer intern…

Mike: “The question on everyone’s mind: Who is Michael Potts?”

Michael: “Well, I’m 20 years old, and my family and I have been attending Northside for about two and half years now, after moving to Wichita from Beaumont, Texas. My parents are Gary and Lora Potts, and my sister Elizabeth is in the youth group. After taking a year off after high school, I attended Wichita State this past school year; majoring in music. I plan to transfer to Oklahoma Christian this fall to continue my studies in music.”

Mike: “What is one interesting fact about yourself?”

Michael: “Well, I guess my go-to answer would be that I’ve played the saxophone for almost nine years now; and even though it may not be the most popular instrument, I still love it!”

Mike: “What has been your favorite part so far of being an intern?”

Michael: “I’ve only just begun, but so far, I would say my two favorite things are getting to work alongside the teens in serving others, as we’ve been able to do during Wichita WorkCamp, and our Sunday Bible class where we’ve been able to have some challenging discussions and Bible study.”

Mike: “What has been the toughest part so far of being an intern?”

Michael: “I think the most difficult part has been just trying to break the ice with the teens. My family moved here during my senior year of high school, so I didn’t really spend much time with the youth group and didn’t have much of a chance to get to know them. But it’s nice to sort of start from scratch with everybody; and I’m absolutely looking forward to getting to know the group, having meaningful conversations about matters of life and faith, and just having a blast this summer!”

Next month I will be interviewing our female summer intern, Hallie Weber, in our Summer Intern Spotlight #2. Please lift up our interns, and the youth group, in prayer this summer as we strive to bring glory and honor to God in all we do.