Summer Intern Spotlight #2

WEBER  Hallie


As promised last month, I am dedicating my article space to highlighting our Summer Youth Interns here at Northside. This week you will get to know our female intern – Hallie Weber. I was first introduced to Hallie in January 2015 when my family and I traveled up for our interview weekend. During a Sunday evening Q&A session with the teens, Hallie spoke up from the back and asked, “Do you plan on hiring interns?” So I have known since before I was even hired that Hallie was determined to become a youth intern for Northside! And I am grateful that she stuck with that goal. Without further ado, I give you our female summer intern…

Mike: “First off, Hallie, tell everyone a little about yourself.”

Hallie: “Okay. Well, before moving to Wichita, my family and I lived in northern Virginia, right outside of Washington D.C. I have been attending Northside for about eight years now. I was blessed to be part of the youth group here, and now I attend Harding University. I am majoring in English with hopes of becoming a high school English teacher. Eventually I’d like to become a principal.”

Mike: “What is an interesting fact about yourself?”

Hallie: “I’ve recently become interested in the Myers-Briggs personality types, and I’ve started trying to figure out everyone’s type within the youth group. It’s a process, but my goal is to know everyone’s personality before I head back to school.”

Mike: “Wow, that’s weird. So tell us – what has been your favorite part of being an intern?”

Hallie: “Well, I love people; and forming lasting friendships – especially with the girls of the youth group. I’ve always had a heart for teaching and inspiring people to be better than what they are right now. I’ve enjoyed getting to witness the growth that these girls have had in the past few months, and will treasure these friendships.”

Mike: “What has been the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being an intern?”

Hallie: “Yeah, I like to be in control. At the beginning of the summer I had a list of things I wanted the girls to learn and ideas of things to do. However, I’ve learned that God had different plans in mind for me and other lessons He wanted the girls to learn – lessons far greater than my own. He’s helped me see that sometimes things are just out of my control and the only thing I can do is pray.”

I sincerely appreciate the work that our interns have done this summer and will do as we prepare for Teen Camp. Please continue to pray for Michael and Hallie in their efforts to leave lasting, spiritual impressions upon our teens.