I suppose this would be a good week for me to compose a lengthy list of all the things we ought to be thankful for. Then you could read it (or just read long enough to get the gist of it) and say, “Yeah, I’ve seen that list before.” Then you could promptly forget all about it. INSTEAD, let me give you one item that doesn’t make most “be thankful for” lists – The Thankful.

I’m thankful for The Thankful. It’s a cliché, but people who have an attitude of gratitude really do make life better for themselves – and everyone around them. Because of Know Your Bible, I get lots of input from viewers. A few negative, but overwhelmingly positive. When I get an especially thankful one, I just feel better about the world. I remember that there are some really nice folks out there.

Like Lillian in Mississippi: “Thank you very much for your kindness and mostly for sharing the Word of God across the U.S. I so enjoy the studies. I am retired and could help out if you ever need assistance. If you all need help grading, I will be happy to help if this could be done remotely. God Bless.”

Like Glen in Kansas. Glen is a faithful viewer and one of our most thankful. He and his mother watch together each week. He sends us a small check regularly, and always includes a note of gratitude. What impresses me is that the notes are all different. Glen always mentions something different that he is thankful for. Here are the last two:

“Thank you so much for your TV show, Know Your Bible. We enjoy it so much. Please keep up the great work. We love all three of you – Steve, Toby, and Jeff. You guys are great role models. Please put our gift towards the show.”

“Thank you so very much for your show, Know Your Bible. We hope you all are doing well. This show was the best idea ever so many years ago. It had to have been inspired by God. Please put our gift towards the show. And God bless you all.”

I would bet that if you are involved in any way with KYB, those notes just brightened up your day. I know they did mine. When you stop and think about how thankful we all are for The Thankful, maybe it should encourage us to all be more like them.

(In that spirit, thanks for reading the article!)